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Setting up EPDQ credit card payments facility:

Bazaar Builder provides you the facility of integrating your online shop with world's leading online payment processing companies. After registering yourself with EPDQ, you can perform following easy steps to enable your online shop to receive online payments through EPDQ. Select "Business Settings" then "Pay Methods" after signing in your account on BazaarBuilder.

Following are the fields that you have to set when you set EPDQ as credit card payment method.

  • Client ID
  • Pass phrase
  • Merchant Display Name
  • Company Logo

1: Client ID/Store ID:

Clint ID/Store ID is the number Barclaycard Merchant Services provided to you when you set up ePDQ account. This would have been sent to you via email. If you have not received this, please contact the EPDQ's eCommerce Support Team.

2: Pass phrase:

Go to this link


Enter your Barclaycard assigned ePDQ Client ID/Store ID, Username and Password.

Password: Password is the value Barclaycard Merchant Services provided you when you signed up for ePDQ account.

Passphrase: The pass phrase is the value that is passed to the encryption module on the ePDQ server for online payment processing. You can enter any Pass Phrase value on ePDQ and same value will be used when you set ePDQ as online payment method on BazaarBuilder.

Allowed URL: The full address (including http://) of the page on your web site, which submits the mandatory variables to the CPI payment page. For BazaarBuilder, enter the following URL


POST Order Result: Its for ePDQ to send your storefront the results of transactions in real-time. Please set this to "Yes".

POST URL: The full address (including http://) of the transaction fulfillment script on your web site. This must be in lower case to avoid browser case sensitivity problems, and must not involve port numbers or be an IP address. Size = 128 characters. For BazaarBuilder, enter the following URL


POST User name POST Password: Username and Password that you have assigned to protect your CGI program. For BazaarBuilder, use bazaarbuilder for both fields.

POST Email: In the event of a POST failure, ePDQ will email you an error message. Please enter your email address suitable for this purpose.

3: Merchant Display Name

Your trading name that will be displayed on the ePDQ payment page and order status page.

4: Company Logo:

It's a text string that specifies the location (URL) of a graphical file in GIF or JPG format. This Parameter can be used to include a store's logo on the ePDQ CPI pages Your logo will need to meet the following dimensions, WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=100. Failure to do this will stretch or shrink your logo. The graphical file must reside on a secure server (with an https:// URL). If this is not practical then you can show your store name instead.


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