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Processing Paid Orders:

All the orders for those payment has been received are displayed here.

1. Click Order number which will display full details of the order.

2. Check order details.

3. If order is acceptable, send acknowledgement to the customer by pressing the "Send Acknowledgement" button on bottom of page.

4. If customer has elected to make payment by "Offline Credit Card Payment" method (assuming offline methods are available to customers) then confirm payment once it is received. Online credit card payment made through one of the various payment processing companies do not require payment confirmation as these will be confirmed automatically.

5. Once payment is confirmed, the order status will change to "In Process" indicating that this order is currently being fulfilled.

6. By clicking "Prepare Delivery Advice", an advice will be created to process the order within the store.

7. Once the order is ready for shipment, a shipment advice can be prepared by selecting "Prepare Despatch Note".


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