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Setting up SAGEPAY / Protx credit card online payments facility:

Bazaar Builder provides you the facility of integrating your online shop with world's leading online credit card processing companies. After registering yourself with SAGEPAY / Protx, you can perform following east steps to enable your online shop to receive online payments through SAGEPAY / protx. Select "Business Settings" then "Pay Methods" after signing in your account on Bazaar Builder.

  1. Select the appropriate button behind "Live" or "Test". "Test" mode is for test purpose and the transactions made in this mode will be just test transactions and no payment will effect. To receive online payments in your account select "Live" and provide the information provided by SAGEPAY / Protx.
  2. SAGEPAY / Protx ID: ID will be provided by SAGEPAY / Protx after registration with them, provide the same here.
  3. Password: Provide SAGEPAY / Protx password here.
  4. Goods Description: When your customer will be taken to SAGEPAY / Protx page to enter the credit card details and to process and make the payment, information provided here will be displayed on the SAGEPAY / Protx page. (i.e. name of your site/company).
  5. Failure URL: Provide the complete URL of the page that would be displayed when payment process is unsuccessful or customer himself cancels the payment process.

online payment

online payment through SAGEPAY / protx

online payment / credit card payment

online payment of credit card through SAGEPAY / protx

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