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Setting up shipping regions:

BazaarBuilder provides the facility to apply different shipping methods to different countries, the goods are shipped to. Shipping methods/rates could be applied to different regions and one region can have as many countries as you like.

Region: Countries
Europe UK, France, Italy, Germany
Asia Pakistan, India, China, Sri Lanka
Middle East KSA, UAE, Oman etc. etc.

This section will show you the shipping regions already inserted (if any) and ask you the number of shipping regions you want to insert now.

After inserting the number of shipping regions, on next screen it will take names of shipping regions you want to insert.

If you don't want to set shipping regions and want to apply shipping on just 1 country, make a shipping region of that country and put that country in the same shipping region and apply shipping method.

For example you just want to ship your goods to UK, make a region by the name of UK and put the UK in this region using "INTERNAL SHIPPING>REGIONAL SETTINGS>SET COUNTRIES".

shipping regions


shipping methods


shipping countries

Modifying Region:

Shipping regions already set by you are displayed in this section; you can change the names of shipping regions.

Deleting Region:

Shipping regions already set are displayed in this section;

  • Click the check box behind shipping region name you want to delete.
  • Press Delete.

NOTE: Countries set in deleted regions will also be deleted. (Works same as you delete a folder from your computer).

shipping regions

Setting up Countries in shipping regions:

This section helps you to manage countries in already inserted shipping regions. You can add or delete countries to and from shipping regions.

Enter a Country:

  • Select the region from drop list in which you want to insert countries.
  • Select "Insert Countries Into Region".
  • Press Submit.

Next screen will show you countries list in drop menu.

  • Select your desired country.
  • Press Submit.

shipping methods


shipping countries

Deleting Countries from regions:

To delete a a country from shipping region perform following steps.

  • Select region from drop down list from which you want to delete countries.
  • Select "Delete Countries from Region"
  • Press Submit.

Next screen will show all the countries in your selected region.

  • Click the check box behind country name you want to delete. Check as many as you want.
  • Press Delete.

shipping regions


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