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  What is BazaarBuilder?

BazaarBuilder is an ecommerce shopping cart software which can be easily attached to any website to allow sale of products and services from that website. Because the ecommerce software resides on our server, we provide all the supporting facilities as part of the package. These services include shared secure server for storing your order details and customer data. All you've got to do is start using it on your website. TOP

Our web design team can provide complete ecommerce solutions, including web design, ecommerce hosting and ecommerce shopping cart integration.

  Who can use BazaarBuilder?

The software can be used to allow any website to start taking orders from their website. It can be used by professional web designers, graphics designers, small and medium sized businesses and private individuals wishing to set up an ecommerce website facility. TOP

  What's so special about BazaarBuilder?

BazaarBuilder has been built to provide an easy to use ecommerce software that businesses can add to their website without requiring knowledge of web programming. If you can design a basic website, you will have little problem integrating BazaarBuilder into your website. Professional website designers with a non-programming background will also find the software useful as it provides total control over the site layout using any web design package like Dreamweaver, Frontpage or even Notepad for those who like to work with raw html. TOP

  What are the main differences between the BazaarBuilder and   BazaarBuilder Plus packages?

The BazaarBuilder Plus version of the software provides an enhanced feature list. Business managers can update their online store from a separate control panel and therefore will not need assistance of the web designer on a regular basis.You also have facility to manually add "buy buttons" next to each of the products. The packages also includes a powerful stock control feature with facility to accept or decline back orders once items are out of physical stock. TOP

The BazaarBuilder Package is suitable for stores with a relatively fewer number of products where the Buy Buttons can be added manually to each product. Option to display directly(dynamically) from the database and stock control feature are not available with the BazaarBuilder package. TOP

  Do I buy the software or is it a subscription based service?

The software is supplied on an annual subscription basis. As well as including cost of use of the software it also includes cost of secure server, database and management of the software for your regular use. TOP

  Is hosting including in the package?

The software includes secure server, database and hosting of all parts of the software itself. You can continue to use your existing web hosting account for hosting the rest of the website. However should you require, we can also provide a competitively priced hosting solution for hosting your entire website. TOP

  How will I integrate BazaarBuilder into my website?

The integration process requires you to insert product data into the online database first. Then each of the "shopping cart" pages are customized using your normal web design software. If you can produce a simple website page, you will have little problem in integrating this software. The software will not require you to have knowledge of programming languages such as perl/php/asp or any database development expertise. We also offer free customisation of the shopping cart pages in case you prefer for us to do the customisation.TOP

  How long does it take to integrate into a website?

For most ecommerce sites, the integration and customization of the software can be completed within a couple of hours. BazaarBuilder allows each merchant to spend as little or as much time he likes to customise the pages to his own satisfaction. TOP

  Do I need to know PHP/ASP or any other programming?

BazaarBuilder has been built such that it does not require any prior knowledge of web programming. If you can build basic website pages you will have no problem in integrating this ecommerce software with your website. TOP

  Will you help me integrate the software?

We provide a FREE customisation service to get you up and running as soon as possible. TOP

 Can I try out the Software before Buying?

A free trial is available from our website. Please feel free to join as there is absolutely no obligation for you to purchase the software after the trial period. TOP

  How will I access and manage my online store?

The online store can be accessed and managed from any computer connected to the Internet from any where in the world. Access is gained with a username and password. TOP

  What are the system requirements?

The software does not impose any restrictions on type of servers or operating systems you choose to use. All that is required is Internet Explorer V6 browser and a connection to the Internet. TOP

  How is the product data stored?

All the product information is held on our database which can be updated at any time through a a simple control panel allowing you to manage the online catalogue in real time from anywhere in the world. TOP

  I have a large number of products, can I import these directly without   retyping them again?

For the larger store there are tools to enable quick and easy import of product data into the online product catalogue. The data is imported from spread sheets or CSV format files. TOP

  Which third party payment processing companies are supported?

BazaarBuilder can be easily integrated with Worldpay, Secpay, Protx, Barclays ePDQ, HSBC ePayments, Securetrading, Authorize and Paypal  & Nochex. Additional companies are being added to the list. TOP

  What other payment methods are available to me?

Many of the "traditional" payment methods that businesses use are also available for the online store. Payment by Cheque, Bank Transfer, Postal Orders etc. are available to use. TOP

  I wish to use another credit card processing company than the ones   you've got listed. Can you integrate it for me?

If you have a requirement for another payment company do let us know and we will try to add it to the list of current payment companies. TOP

  How are products displayed with the BazaarBuilder Package?

The basic BazaarBuilder package provides you with ready to use code which can be added to the product on your website.This creates " buy buttons" at that location, allowing visitors to purchase the item by clicking on the button next to it. TOP

  How are products displayed on my website with the BazaarBuilder Plus   package?

As well as allowing merchants to add buy buttons next to the products (as in the BazaarBuilder package), the BazaarBuilder Plus package can display the products dynamically from the database without having to add the buy button manually next to each product. This method therefore is ideal for businesses with a larger number of products. It also means that businesses can easily update their product catalogue themselves rather than having to call on their web designer. TOP

  Can the pages be customized to suit the design layout of my own   website?

One of the key features of BazaarBuilder is that it provides seamless integration with any website design. Professional web designers and those individuals designing their own ecommerce website can build a professional looking website within a matter of hours. TOP

  How many currencies will BazaarBuilder handle?

You can use as many as 4 different currencies of your own choice. TOP

  Is there a stock control facility available?

The BazaarBuilder Plus version of the software includes a powerful stock control facility for managing the online store. Once available stock has finished of any item, it can be automatically set to stop displaying on the website. TOP

  Can I accept or decline back orders when stock runs out of a particular   item?

Once stock of a particular item has expired, merchant can choose to stop further sales of this item or continue to take further orders with fresh supplies of the product. TOP

  Are there tools available to process online orders and how will I access   them?

Orders received from the online store can be processed from the online control panel which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The software provides all the traditional order processing tools that businesses will be already familiar with. TOP

  Can I be informed by e-mail whenever a new order is received from the   website?

Merchants can choose to be notified by e-mail each time an order is received.They would then login to the secure control panel to view details of the order. TOP

  How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping costs can be calculated based on product weight, total order value, dimensions, number of items, or set to free shipping value. For shipment by Additional shipping methods are being added as is facility to make shipment via Parcelforce, UPS, and other major carriers. TOP

  How is VAT applied for EU countries?

For European Union based countries, the shopping cart will apply VAT rules depending on country of the customer and apply VAT depending on whether the customer is based VAT registered in his own country or not. BazaarBuilder will also allow different products and groups to have different rates of VAT/sales tax applied. TOP

  Can BazaarBuilder handle sales tax for USA and Canada based   merchants?

Yes it can. GST can be charged for individual states depending on their own local tax laws. For businesses with a presence in multiple states GST may be applied in multiple states. State, county and city tax can be set individually for each state TOP

  How BazaarBuilder generates Sales Reports?

BazaarBuilder provides you the facility to generate all types of sales reports including timely/customer wise/country wise and product wise reports. TOP

  Do operate an affiliate program that I can join?

At present we do not operate an affiliate program. TOP

  What opportunities exist for me to resell your BazaarBuilder?

If you are a web design company or web hosting company, we can offer some terrific discounts off the normal prices. Please call us on Tel 024 76 675 112 to discuss further. TOP

  I am a major provider of ecommerce solutions, can I rebrand and sell   BazaarBuilder under my own name?

BazaarBuilder can be resold under any company's own brand name. This facility is available to major companies such as web design, hosting companies who have an established brand of their own under which the software could be resold. TOP

  How do I make contact for partnership arrangements?

Please e-mail or telephone us on 024 76 675 112 to discuss your exact requirements. TOP

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