Website Promotion and Marketing Services

Get targetted traffic from the search engines

Improving your website's ranking in search engines

Build it and they will come...won't they? The simple answer is no.... they won't! Once built your website will require an ongoing effort to drive targeted traffic to it. There are two main methods to gain traffic from search engines;

  • Improve your free rankings by optimising your website's html code. This will require a long term and gradual strategy. You would typically see your traffic improve after a period of a few months if your site code is optimised and you consistently get other related websites to link to your site. It is very much an iterative and time consuming process
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) programs. Your website would be advertised as a 'sponsored' link on search engines. PPC programs offer a fast and easy way to drive traffic to your website but can be quite costly, especially if you are not targeting the correct keywords for your website.

Optimisation of HTML code for better search engine rankings

Search engine optimisation improves a website's free rankings within major search engines such as google, yahoo and msn. As google provides the bulk of most website's traffic we initially focus on improving your rankings in this search engine. Improved rankings in google also often (but not always) bring an improvement in rankings in other seach engines as well.

Our search engine optimation services can be adapted to fit any size of website and marketing budget. We can start by optimising some of the main pages of your website and have additional pages opitimised as your website grows and starts to generate profits.

  • Keyword Analysis- finds suitable keywords that people use to find your website.
  • Optimisation of html code of top five pages of your website.
  • Makes sure that correct Title and Meta tags and other basic tags are added to the pages and pages html code is 'optimised' for search engines especially google.
  • Manually Submit your site to Google and upto ten other related websites in your industry or major search engines.

Prices : £POA To order please call us on 02476 675 112 or email us

Enhance your website's rankings

Getting other websites to link to your website counts as a vote of quality for your own website. Search engines use this fact to boost your rankings above other sites. However getting irrelevant and non related websites to link to you can often damage ranking rather than helping. We follow a safe but effective strategy to build your links to other sites . So called ' reciprocal ' links are proving to be a dangerous activity for most websites and our policy is therefore not to 'swap links' with other sites. Link building is best done after your website's html code has been completed as described above.

Due to our focus on quality rather than sheer quantity of building links, we offer link building services on an hourly basis. Under this scheme we would spend an agreed amount of time per month in developing links to your site. Please call to discuss further.