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Setting up BazaarBuilder on your website

BazaarBuilder shopping cart software produces flexible e-commerce solutions suitable for almost any business, in a wide variety of markets. Our e-commerce software is easily customized and fully scalable, so it can grow with your business.

If you can build a basic Web site page, BazaarBuilder makes it so simple to produce a professional-looking e-commerce Web site. We run the software for you, and keep it running, all for one simple annual fee. We provide all the essential support facilities for online trading such as secure server and database facilities to store sensitive customer information. Your existing website can continue to be hosted wherever you wish and BazaarBuilder will fit seamlessly into it.

There's no need for any programming. It's ideal if you're building an ecommerce Web site for your own business, or if you're a professional Web designer.

NOTE : if you are using our Website Builder tool to build a website, please use the Website Builder Readme link first rather than this page for help. This help section focusses on the ecommerce aspect of BazaarBuilder. If you already have website built by other means and wish simply to add an ecommerce shopping cart to it, this section will be more appropiate

BazaarBuilder fits seamlessly into your site's own design

BazaarBuilder takes a very different approach to adding ecommerce shopping cart facilities to your website. Whereas many other shopping cart software providers ask you to fit into a website structure that they define, BazaarBuilder lets you design your own website as you wish using your favourite web design tools such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage.

The general process for building an ecommerce website with BazaarBuilder is as follows;

  • Design the general layout of your site as normal with products and product categories and other elements positioned as you like.
  • Add products to build the BazaarBuilder online catalog. Products can be organised into groups or if you like just add your products directly into the single group we have set-up for you.
  • Obtain HTML code from BazaarBuilder for product Buy Buttons ( also later category links, search box, viewcart and other elements ) and paste alongside your products. Alternatively for larger stores, let BazaarBuilder add the Buy Buttons automatically for you (Plus Package).
  • Customise the dummy(default) shopping cart pages to match your website. This is done by downloading the blue colored dummy / default shopping cart pages from BazaarBuilder's "integrate shop" section and modifying these to match your site.
    Note our web developers can do the customisation of these shopping cart pages to match your site normally at a small one-off cost. Please do get in touch in case you like us to handle this aspect-its a great way to save time when you're trying to get your ecommerce website online as quickly as possible and means you avoid the initial learning curve associated with using any new software package such as BazaarBuilder. To order the customisation service please fill-in 'Integration link form' in this control panel.
  • Apply business settings for your particular store such as VAT / Sales Tax , payment methods, Shipping rates, currencies, discounts etc. These setting typically take no more than a few minutes to set-up. Alternatively simply call us and one of our technical staff can talk you through each step

Where to Start?

1. Build Shop

The Build Shop link in the main menu sets up the online catalogue and provides different methods for customizing and attaching the ecommerce software with your own web site. This section helps you to;

  • Setup the overall structure of the online catalog by categorizing the products into their own groups.
  • Add Products within their respective groups
  • Apply product options to each product (size, color etc)
  • Get code for Buy Buttons to attach next to your products
  • Customize the shopping cart pages to get a seamless fit of BazaarBuilder with the rest of your website. The customization feature is easy to use and requires no programming skills to setup.

2. Business Settings:

The section allows each store to set its own business preferences such as;
  • Multiple Currency selection. Choose up to four different currencies to use on your store
  • Shipping cost calculations.
  • Sales Tax / VAT handling. Facilities for UK and European Union and USA based merchants
  • Customizing e-mail messages that are sent out from the store as order order acknowledgements etc
  • Hooking up your shop with the various online credit card processing companies such as Worldpay, Protx, Secpay, Authorizenet, PayPal.
  • Setting up special discounts for your store based on quantity or order values

3. Managing Sales

After the store is setup, hopefully you should see orders coming through. Manage Sales section provides all the tools required to process these orders online;

  • View New Orders as they arrive
  • Send Order Acknowledgments, invoices, dispatch notes etc to your customers
  • View historic sales reports to find out who the top selling products are, you best customers etc
  • Setup customer credit account and offer them special terms making it easier for your customers to buy from your online store

What Help is available?

This Help section provides details of the key stages of setting up and running BazaarBuilder on your store. In addition you will find localized help whenever you carry out any task, within the each section and can be accessed by clicking the Help link in the top right hand corner of each page.

Many of the common questions asked by customers are answered in the General FAQ's.

Detailed Guides are also available describing the steps that you will take to integrate BazaarBuilder into your web site.

And off course, you are welcome to call us by telephone at any time, send an e-mail or fill in the help request form.

Before beginning however it is important to know exactly what sort of functionality you require. BazaarBuilder itself has ample range of features built within it to meet a wide range of requirements of both novice and professional website designers and not all may be used on your store.

If you are unsure about any aspect of setting up your online business......why not give us a call for a quick chat? We may be able to offer some specific tips on using BazaarBuilder to get the exact functionality you need from your own online store

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