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Sagepay / Protx Online Payment Processing

Getting Started with Sagepay / Protx Payments

Sagepay / Protx is one of the well known payment processing companies that can be used by ecommerce websites to accept live payments via credit cards. The integration of Sagepay / Protx with BazaarBuilder eCommerce Software can be made within a matter of minutes, simply by entering your Sagepay / Protx account details into a simple form.

To use Sagepay / Protx, merchants will need to first set up a merchant account with one of the approved banks. Currently these are lloyds Cardnet, Barclays Merchant Services, HSBC, American Express and Bank of Scotland.

For further information about setting up an account with Sagepay / Protx please refer to Sagepay / Protx website at If you'd like us to arrange for an account with Sagepay / Protx please call us on 024 76 675 112 and we will help with the application process as much as possible.

Processing Costs from Sagepay / Protx are currently based on a flat £20 per month for upto 1000 transactions per quarter with no transaction charges and setup fees. For businesses with higher than 1000 transactions per quarter, the monthly subscription is waived but a flat rate charge of 10 pence per transaction applies with free setup.

Setting Up Sagepay / Protx for online Payments

Once you have obtained your merchant number and you have chosen the right VSP system for you, there are few more steps you need to take to start accepting payments from your customers using Sagepay / Protx:

Complete Sagepay / Protx's online application:
The application will ask you for the details we need to set up an account for you and, if you are doing a custom integration, you will be able to download the integration documents and start testing with us without delay. Don't worry if you do not have all of the information to hand- you can start the application now and finish it later. Test with your unique account details

Once we have received your completed application, you will receive an email from Sagepay / Protx support team within 24 hours advising you how to test with your unique account details. Go live and start accepting payments

Once you have tested the integration and signed a Direct Debit instruction, you can request Sagepay / Protx to make your account live. Sagepay / Protx will add your account to the live server within 48 hours of receiving your request. You must then make a final test transaction using your own credit card to check that everything is working correctly before starting to accept payments from your customers!

Integrating Sagepay / Protx with BazaarBuilder Shopping cart system

Please follow instructions from our Sagepay / Protx integration userguide . This step by step guide for integrating Sagepay / Protx into Bazaazrbuilder shopping cart system is also available by clicking the 'HELP' link from within the BazaarBuilder control panel.

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