BazaarBuilder shopping cart is compatible with Website Payments standard, Website Payments Pro as well as Express Checkout

online payment by PayPal.

  Integration with PayPal is easy with BazaarBuilder ecommerce   shopping Cart Software for websites seeking to authorise online   payments.

Paypal is perhaps one of the biggest online payment processors in the world. The integration of paypal with BazaarBuilder eCommerce Software can be made within a matter of minutes, simply by entering your paypal account details into a simple form. PayPal offers various types of integration methods for taking payments via website, inclusing Website Payments Standard, Website Payments Pro (requires a merchant account) and Express Checkout. BazaarBuilder supports all of these integration methods. One of the biggest advantages of paypal for merchants is that it is relatively simple to setup an account with paypal and start selling your products online. New startup businesses without a merchant account can simply register themselves and start to trade online in minutes.

In the past there were a few well known disadvantages to using paypal for online businesses. These disadvantages were serious enough for many businesses to rule out the use of paypal on their ecommerce website. The biggest disadvantage was that your customers also had to register for an account with paypal. However with recent offerings of Website Payments Pro and Paypal Express Checkout much of these disadvantages no longer apply.

For larger value order, customers must also verify themselves by doing a test transaction and then waiting for the first credit card statement to arrive which will contain the transaction code for the test transaction. Once this code is supplied to paypal, the account is said to be "verified". This rather lengthy process is the main reasons why many people are put off from using paypal.

  Integration WebSite Payments Pro

Unlike the other Paypal Website Payments Standard method, Website Payments Pro Method acts more of a traditional method of taking payments from credit/debit cards. The user does not leave your website to go to the paypal website during the checkout process. This leads to a more professional procedure and does away with paypal's earlier perception of a person to person payment system rather than a suitable payment system for business.

For further information about setting up an account with paypal please refer to paypal website at If you'd like any help with using paypal please call us on 024 76 675 112 and we will try to help you as much as we can.

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