Step By Step Guide To Selling Online for Small Businesses

  BazaarBuilder is Quick & Easy to Install

Installation of Bazaarbuilder is as easy and quick as you sign up for bazaarbuilder account. Software gets installed right after sign up completion. You just have to set up online catalog and customize your products display & shopping cart templates layout to match your web site.

BazaarBuilder is designed for quick and easy integration into any web site with minimal interference on the actual website design. The store can be setup and run from anywhere in the world via remote login system. As a hosted e-commerce solution merchants do not require any additional web hosting service and hence can work with very basic hosting package.

After joining the appropriate package, merchants enter details of their products on to an online product catalogue. For the larger store the product data may be imported direct into the BB product.

Once product data has been uploaded, the merchant is given various product layout methods, which can be used to display the products on the online website. Depending on number of products and personal preference the merchant can choose from a simple cut & paste method or a more sophisticated but extremely powerful template based method.

The BazaarBuilder product is packed with a variety of store management features, numerous different shipping methods, sales tax calculator with support for calculating VAT for EU countries. Each of these options can be set to individual requirements by following simple step-by-step procedure.

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