Step By Step Guide To Selling Online for Small Businesses

  BazaarBuilder can process online payments from some of the major   payment service providers

Accepting payment through credit cards is now an essential part of doing business over the Internet. BazaarBuilder includes options to link to the major credit card payment processor companies. The following are currently supported payment processors;

Each of the above companies provide different packages to meet individual requirements and accordingly charge processing fees for their service. The ecommerce software can accept Online credit card payments in single or multiple currencies.

The number credit card payment processors that BazaarBuilder ecommerce software will support is expanding and additional linkup modules are being developed for further choice. To suggest another credit card processor please e-mail us.

Although online credit card processing is normal for most transactions, it may sometimes be preferable to accept credit card details from the customer and process the payment offline. However in these cases it is advisable to use some sort of encryption technique to protect all sensitive information. BazaarBuilder encrypts this type of data by default. This type of credit card handling is generally suitable for low volume sales by merchants who already have an existing credit card merchant account with a bank. BazaarBuilder gives option to accept the encrypted credit card details onto a secure server for processing off-line.

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