Step By Step Guide To Selling Online for Small Businesses

  Comprehensive Set of Tools For Management & Administration of the   online Business.

BazaarBuilder offers extensive range of tools to help in managing the online store. The site can be managed from anywhere using the web based site login system.

View Sales Reports- Gives detailed reports of sales by Date, Customer Name, Regional Breakdown of Sales etc.

View Order Status- Check details of new business orders, work-in progress orders, completed orders to ensure smooth processing of the order book.

Check Stock Levels- Sets minimum stock levels and reorder stock when required. Automatically suspend sales or continue to take back orders.

Process Orders online or download to local system for processing with existing business tools.

Prepare Business Documents- Prepare and print off invoices, shipping documents, despatch notes, pick notes, etc.

Manage Customers. Enable or disable customer accounts. Give each customer his own set of discounts and payment terms.

Manage Shipping- Set shipping method for different regions with their own rate bands. Alternatively choose an external courier company such as UPS or ParcelForce (UK) to handle all the shipments. Each shipment cost is automatically added to the purchase order.

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